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Film Húsavík: Your Gateway to Eruption Coverage

As the anticipation of an eruption at Askja volcano looms, Film Húsavík steps up to offer unparalleled media services. Operating the Eruption Media Center in Húsavík and a live broadcast unit at Lake Mývatn, we provide a frontline vantage for global TV and radio interviews, as well as a dedicated website for providing assets for media outlets.

Visit: Askja Volcano Eruption Information

Our mission is to immerse your journalists in the heart of the volcanic narrative. With the aid of super jeeps or airplanes, our seasoned local guides and scientists will accompany your team, ensuring safe yet dynamic encounters with the volcanic spectacle.

At Film Húsavík, we understand that capturing the essence of this geological phenomenon demands proximity and expertise. Whether your media outlet aims to broadcast captivating visuals or unravel the scientific enigma, our Eruption Media Center facilitates seamless access to Askja’s unfolding story.

Join us in Húsavík, where the intersection of nature’s raw beauty and journalistic passion awaits. Trust Film Húsavík to connect your coverage with the mesmerizing drama of Askja’s eruption.