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Film Húsavík receives grant to promote Northeast Iceland for film production

Film Húsavík has recently received a grant of 800 thousand krónur from SSNE (the Northeast Iceland Development Fund). The grant will be used to promote the area to production companies worldwide, with the goal of attracting more filming projects to the region.

In recent years, Northeast Iceland has seen a rise in the number of production projects, including film, TV, commercials, and music videos. The area’s diverse landscapes, from glaciers and waterfalls to hot springs and volcanoes, offer a unique and versatile backdrop for productions of all kinds.

Jóhanna Ásdis Baldursdóttir, director of Film Húsavík, stated, “Northeast Iceland has a lot of potential for filming projects because of its diverse landscapes and growing infrastructure. We believe that the region’s natural beauty and cultural heritage will continue to attract filmmakers from around the world in coming years.”

With this grant, Film Húsavík hopes to showcase Northeast Iceland’s many advantages to production companies worldwide and to continue to grow the area’s film industry.

Photo by Miha Rekar